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This project like many others started as a joke. I launched the token, made socials & a website all within a couple of hours as part of an experiment. We belong to a crypto Facebook group that was started in 2016/2017 and many of us have become close online friends. Boosey is a nickname of one of the members & mods of our FB group. He’s typically the butt of our jokes because as soon as he buys a token, it typically tanks and never recovers. Of course, we have all lost and learned a tremendous amount during the past 2 cycles so he’s not alone when it comes to picking and losing on shit coins. Now, most of us as seasoned investors, stack Bitcoin with the majority of our bags and some of us play a small percentage of ALT coins & meme coins.

But when it came time to vote for a mascot of our meme coin, he was the obvious choice. We wanted to learn about the meme space, learn about marketing, about Telegram and its bots, social media, etc.

As soon as we launched, the coin we noticed bots buying and trading. Our Telegram group started to fill up and I made the announcements to our group. Most of them started slow, way after the initial buyers and missed out on the initial 5-10X of the token. Since this was our first token and we didn’t have a strategy, we didn’t buy huge bags, we didn’t jump the launch or have any opportunity or desire to manipulate pricing. As a matter of fact, most of the marketing dollars are coming from a few friends as we try to grow this project.

What’s different about our project vs every other project is that, most are all pump and dumps. When I say most, I would guess 99% of meme coins that are out there are there to drain your wallet. Even though we can’t predict the future, the early team members who are a part of our journey are all long term holders and seasoned crypto investors. We are in it for the long haul.

The $BOOSEY logo came from our friend’s FB profile picture, and now $BOOSEY has morphed into a MEGA Chad with a beard and Green Hoodie. Boosey is adored by women as much as he loves his crypto. In a world full of Jeets, Boosey stands out as an Alpha, and we all can relate because deep inside we are all Boosey!

Check back for more updates

We will continue to update Boosey’s story, so come back and check it out. Join our Telegram community and let’s grow together. This isn’t financial advice. This is strictly for fun. Don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose.